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All Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
1985-2 Note: There Are Two Administrative Orders Number 85-2; Order Reassigning Case 82-575-Cr-Cca and on 07/22/85 Order Appointing Thomas C. Britton Us Bankruptcy Judge 01/08/1985
1984-33 Index to the Administrative Orders 12/13/1984
1984-32 Destruction of Property Obtained Through the Probation Office 12/13/1984
1984-31 Appointment of Jose A. Ramirez United States Probation Officer 11/27/1984
1984-30 Accountability of the Bankruptcy Clerk of Court, Southern District Of Florida 12/11/1984
1984-29 Disposition of Original Court Reporters' Notes 11/26/1984
1984-28 Note: There Are Two Administrative Orders Numbered 84-28: General Local Rule 23 Amendment To Collateral Fine Schedule And On 11/23/84 Accepting Transfer For Appointment As US Pre 10/29/1984
1984-27 Admission to the Bar Justice Joseph A. Boyd, Jr. 11/08/1984
1984-26 Appointment of Acting Chairman and Committee Members of the United States District Court Grievance Committee 11/03/1984
1984-25 Appiontment of Deputy Clerk 10/24/1984
1984-24 Selection and Appointment of Chief Pretrial Services Officer under 18 U.S.C. § 3152 08/24/1984
1984-23 Complaint of Jorge E. Baron Serrano 09/07/1984
1984-22 Appointment of Member of District Court Grievance Committee 08/24/1984
1984-21 Selection and Appointment of Part Time United States Magistrate at West Palm Beach, Florida 08/22/1984
1984-20 Deposit of Unclaimed Funds N the Registry to the United States Treasury 08/14/1984
1984-19 Bankruptcy Proceedings 08/14/1984
1984-18 Appointment of Deputy Clerk 08/08/1984
1984-17 Appointment of Deputy Clerk 08/07/1984
1984-16 Appoitment of Rafael Hernandez 08/07/1984
1984-15 Notice of Conviction of Attorney Mitchell Denker 07/30/1984


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