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2007 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
2007-71 Amendment to Court Operations Schedule During Holidays 12/28/2007
2007-70 Assignment of 100% Civil Caseload to Chief Judge Federico A Moreno 12/20/2007
2007-69 Appointment of Steven M. Larimore as Court Administrator/Clerk of Court 12/20/2007
2007-68 Modification of Miami Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan 12/20/2007
2007-67 Reassignment of East Everglades Acquisition Project Cases 12/20/2007
2007-66 Bench and Bar Conference 11/20/2007
2007-65 Amendments to Local Rules Notice of Proposed Amendments Public Comments Hearing 11/20/2007
2007-64 Shapero Order Denying Motion for Ext of Time to File Appeal 11/19/2007
2007-63 Order Denying Motion for Rehearing on Karten Disbarment 11/13/2007
2007-62 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for St. Thomas University School of Law 11/08/2007
2007-61 Order scheduling 2008 Judges' Meetings 11/06/2007
2007-60 Court Operations during the holidays 11/06/2007
2007-59 Use of Forms and Stamps Bearing Name of Clarence Maddox, Clerk 10/29/2007
2007-58 Appointment of Steven M. Larimore Acting Clerk of Court 10/29/2007
2007-57 Appointment of Additional Member to Ad Hoc Committee on Attorney Admissions, Peer Review and Attorney Grievance of the United States District Court, SOuthern District of Florida 10/18/2007
2007-56 Appointment of Ad Hoc CJA Panel Selection Committee for the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida 10/15/2007
2007-55 Replacement Federal Grand Juries 10/12/2007
2007-54 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule West Palm Beach 10/11/2007
2007-53 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Fort Lauderdale 10/11/2007
2007-52 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Miami 10/11/2007


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