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CM/ECF Training Registration

Revised Attorney Training Options Effective January 12, 2021

Since October 12, 2006, all attorneys admitted to practice in the Southern District of Florida are required to file documents electronically through CM/ECF, except as provided for in the Court’s Administrative Procedures or otherwise ordered by the Court. In order to receive a log-in to file electronically in CM/ECF, you must be admitted to the Southern District of Florida Bar, and you must complete the CM/ECF training course.

1. Online ZOOM Based Attorney Training
Attorneys may satisfy the CM/ECF training requirement via the Southern District of Florida ZOOM based training course. The ZOOM based training is interactive and provides step-by-step instructions regarding electronically opening new civil cases, filing a notice of appearance in civil and criminal cases, filing motions, and linking corresponding documents.

Please allow approximately 3 hours to complete the training course. The training course is comprised of 5 lessons. Attendees must be present for all 5 lessons in order to receive a login and password. You may register for a CM/ECF training course by CLICKING HERE. You will receive the ZOOM Training course login information via email the week of your training. If you do not receive the email for your Zoom Training course, please contact the training department at (305) 523-5233. Upon completion of your training, if you do not receive your login credentials within 3 business days, please contact the CM/ECF Help Desk at 888-318-2260. .

2. Non-Attorney/Staff Training
Paralegals, legal assistants, IT staff, or other non-attorney support staff who will be involved in the electronic case filing process are highly encouraged to complete training. Non-Attorney staff may also attend the ZOOM training by CLICKING HERE to register.

3. Law Firm Training [This training is suspended due to COVID until further notice.]
On-Site Firm Training is available if you have 20 or more individuals who require training (Attorneys and/or Non-Attorney Staff). The firm must be able to accommodate all participants and have a reliable internet connection. The content of the training is the same as in our Hands-on CM/ECF Attorney Training but can be altered to meet your firm’s needs.

Additional Training Items:
The Attorneys’ Perspective (Video-20 min)
General CM/ECF Computer Based Training Modules (PACER)