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2005 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
2005-53 Index to 2005 Administrative Orders 01/09/2006
2005-52 Appointment of Reginald D. Michael as Chief United States Probation Officer Southern District Of Florida 12/20/2005
2005-50 Certification Of the Clinical Placement Program for St. Thomas University School of Law (Student Interns Felix M. Caceres, Ii and Ari B. Friedman) 12/20/2005
2005-49 Amendments to the Local Rules - Notice Of Proposed Amendments, Of Opportunity for Public Comments, And Of Hearing to Receive Comments 11/14/2005
2005-48 The Matter of Summoning Of Jury Panels for Trials in Miami, Florida 11/04/2005
2005-47 Appointment Of New Member to the Committee on Court Services (Appointed Judge Marcia G. Cooke as Member) 10/17/2005
2005-45 Standing Committee on Pretrial Services, Probation and the United States Marshal 10/13/2005
2005-44 Replacement Federal Grand Juries 10/13/2005
2005-43 Appointment of Members to the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Court Annexed Mediation 10/13/2005
2005-42 Fort Lauderdale Duty Judge Assignment Schedule for 2006 10/04/2005
2005-41 West Palm Beach Duty Judge Assignment Schedule for 2006 10/04/2005
2005-40 Miami Duty Judge Assignment Schedule for 2006 10/04/2005
2005-39 Order Scheduling 2006 Judges' Meetings 10/03/2005
2005-38 Attorney Contact Information 09/13/2005
2005-37 Appointment of Alternate Employment Dispute Resolution Coordinator 09/06/2005
2005-36 Certification Of the Clinical Placement Program for University of Miami School Of Law (Student Interns: Kimberly Shapley And Kellie Kagan) 08/12/2005
2005-35 Petition for Reinstatement - Attorney Roberto Emilio Abreu - Petitioner Reinstated Immediately 08/05/2005
2005-34 Petition for Reinstatement - John J. Spittler, Jr. -Petitioner Reinstated Immediately 08/05/2005
2005-33 Juror Fees for Extended Petit and Grand Jury Service 07/22/2005
2005-32 Constituting Master Jury Wheel 07/20/2005


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