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1990 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
1990-119 Index To These Administrative Orders 12/17/1990
1990-118 Change Of Criminal Case Category, 82-327-Cr-Davis 12/17/1990
1990-117 Order Denying Defendant's Request For Transfer To Judge Marcus 12/14/1990
1990-116 Order Of Disbarment - Hiram Lee Bauman 12/12/1990
1990-115 Adverse Personnel Action Appeal In The Matter Of Rory J. Mcmahon 12/07/1990
1990-114 Closed Criminal Probation Matters Previously Assigned To Judge Thomas E. Scott 11/07/1990
1990-113 Order Referring Motion To Disqualify 11/05/1990
1990-112 Assignment Of Criminal Cases Pending Before The Honorable Thomas E. Scott 11/01/1990
1990-111 Order Scheduling Hearing For Adverse Personnel Action Appeal 10/29/1990
1990-110 Appointment Of The Honorable Kenneth L. Ryskamp As Hearing Officer For Adverse Personnel Action Appeal 10/29/1990
1990-109 Order Of Disbarment - James P. Ryan 10/30/1990
1990-108 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Fort Lauderdale And West Palm Beach 10/19/1990
1990-107 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 10/19/1990
1990-106 The Honorable Sidney M. Aronovitz, Amendment To Administrative Order No. 88-41 10/12/1990
1990-105 The Honorable Thomas E. Scott 10/10/1990
1990-104 Deposit Required For Attorney's Fees, Costs, Expenses, Etc. In Garnishment Proceedings 10/12/1990
1990-103 Order Appointing Roger W. Watford, Official Court Reporter 10/10/1990
1990-102 Accepting Transfer For Appointment As Official Court Reporter For The Southern District Of Florida Roger W. Watford Official Court Reporter Middle District Of Alabama 10/10/1990
1990-101 Order Of Disbarment - Keith Nassetta 10/10/1990
1990-100 Order Of Disbarment - Paul Steven Elliott 10/10/1990


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