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Volunteer Opportunities and Pro Bono Assistance


1. Register to be on the Court’s Pro Bono Panel List, click here

2. Research Available Cases, click here
     a. For questions regarding the case, you are encouraged to contact the prospective client directly.

3. Volunteer to Represent a Client For a Specific Case
a. Unless specifically noted to contact the Presiding Judge’s chambers in the case listing on the website,
         Attorneys should work directly with the party requesting a volunteer attorney. If agreed upon, the volunteer
         attorney must file a notice of appearance in the case designating their appearance as a volunteer attorney.

4. For Questions Regarding Litigation Expense Assistance, click here

5. For Other Questions Regarding the Pro Bono Program, click here to email your inquiry



Pro bono Work to Empower and Represent Act of 2018 ("POWER Act")