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2011 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
2011-116 Order of Suspension of Attorney Sebastian John Balliro Florida Bar 146064 12/28/2011
2011-115 Order of Suspension of Attorney Fernando Hernandez Florida Bar 868892 12/28/2011
2011-114 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Octavio Enrique Mestre Florida Bar 968986 12/28/2011
2011-113 Certification of the Consumer Bankruptcy Externship Clinic of Florida International University College of Law 12/28/2011
2011-112 Amended Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan for West Palm Beach 12/28/2011
2011-111 Reassignment of Fort Lauderdale Social Security Cases 12/28/2011
2011-110 Certification of the Bankruptcy Assistance Clinic of the University of Miami School of Law 12/22/2011
2011-109 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for University of Miami School of Law 12/22/2011
2011-108 Electronic Book Reader Usage in the Courthouse 12/22/2011
2011-107 Appointment of Chris M. McAliley as United States Magistrate Judge at Miami, Florida 12/19/2011
2011-106 Senior District Judge Voting 12/19/2011
2011-105 Reassignment of Social Security Cases 12/13/2011
2011-104 Order Denying Scott's Motion for Reconsideration of Order 2011-98 and 2010-124 12/08/2011
2011-103 Recusals for the Honorable Kathleen Williams 11/30/2011
2011-102 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Timothy C. Foster Florida Bar 875198 11/30/2011
2011-101 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Julio Antonio Rodriguez Florida Bar 982709 11/30/2011
2011-100 Amendments to the Local Rules 11/28/2011
2011-99 Order Appointing Commissioners for East Everglades Acquisition Project 11/28/2011
2011-98 Order on Scott Notice of Ancillary Proceeding Entered on November 14, 2011 11/17/2011
2011-97 Order of Suspension of Attorney William Timothy O'Toole Florida Bar 967548 11/01/2011


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