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Jury Section phone number: 1-800-865-1775

Why did eJuror lock me out?


The system is designed to allow 3 logins, after failure to gain access on the third attempt, the system will lock you out. You must completely log out of e Juror, delete browsing history, give it a few minutes and try again. The system only allows 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire, if it goes beyond that time, you will have to start again.


What information do I need to complete my questionnaire online?


You will need the nine digit participant number above your name on the questionnaire; the first three letters of your last name and your birth date to log on to the system and complete the form.


What if I need to submit additional information?


If you need to send additional information, contact the Jury Section at 1-800-865-1775 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, Monday thru Friday.


What if I make a mistake and need to change an answer?


Once the form is completed, PRIOR to submission, you will have the opportunity to edit your answers. Prior to submission you can print out your answers for your records. ONCE YOU SUBMIT TO THE COURT, ANSWERS CANNOT BE CHANGED.


How do I check if the court has received my completed questionnaire through eJuror?


You will not be notified by the Court that your questionnaire has been received, other than the confirmation that is received when you submit the form. You may call the Court’s Jury Line at 1-800-865-1775 and follow the instructions to verify your status and listen to reporting instructions.


Who can use the eJuror system?


Any prospective juror who receives a questionnaire can complete their questionnaire on line. If you are unable to complete on line due to system limitations, please complete the paper form and submit it to the Court within 10 days of receipt of the questionnaire.


If I complete my questionnaire online, do I submit the paper form to the court?

No. If you have completed and submitted your form through eJuror, please do not send the paper form back to the Court. Prior to submitting your completed questionnaire, you can print the information if you would like a copy for your records.

Problems using eJuror? Please call our Jury Section during normal business hours for help.