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Duplicate Certificate of Admission

Obtaining a Duplicate Certificate of Admission

If you are admitted to the Southern District of Florida Bar, and you would like a Duplicate Certificate of Admission (the Certificate issued once admitted to the Southern District of Florida Bar), please complete the following:

Log into your CM/ECF account and select Utilities.  Select Certificate of Admission – Original With Raised Seal.  Please complete each screen in order to submit your request. To pay for your certificate, you will be automatically redirected to where you will pay the $20.00 fee (via check or credit card). Your certificate will be mailed within 2 weeks to the mailing address you provide in your request, so please verify your information prior to submitting your request. Click here to go to CM/ECF.  Note: If you need certificates for multiple attorneys, you will need to log in to each attorney’s CM/ECF account to order their certificate of admission.

As a reminder, CM/ECF filing is mandatory in the Southern District of Florida.  In order to obtain a log-in/password, please view the CM/ECF Training-Registration page by clicking here.