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All Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
1987-6 Big Cypress National Preserve 01/27/1987
1987-5 Appointment Of J. Michael Brennan As United States Magistrate At Miami, Florida 01/19/1987
1987-4 Appointment Of Peter R. Palermo As United States Magistrate At Miami, Florida 01/14/1987
1987-3 Change Of Criminal Case Categories: 84-555-Cr-Zloch, 85-917-Cr-Zloch, 85-690-Cr-Zloch, 84-6034-Cr-Zloch 01/07/1987
1987-2 Jury Duty Judge Assignments 01/05/1987
1987-1 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Southern Division 01/05/1987
1986-60 Index To These Administrative Orders 12/30/1986
1986-59 Assignment Of Criminal Category Iv Cases 12/19/1986
1986-58 Big Cypress National Preserve 12/24/1986
1986-57 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Northern Division 12/29/1986
1986-56 Assignment Of Criminal Category Iv Case 12/24/1986
1986-55 Assignment Of 83-754-Cr-Davis Usa V. Gurdon Wolfson 12/16/1986
1986-54 Procedure For Assignment Of Habeas Corpus Death 12/16/1986
1986-53 Key West Division Jury Panel Reporting Time 12/26/1986
1986-52 Appointment Of Intra-District Transfer Committee 12/04/1986
1986-51 Order Designating District Judges To Consider And Rule Upon Written Requests For Excusal From Complying With Both Grand And Petit Jury Summonses In Certain Divisions Of The FLSD 11/13/1986
1986-50 Assignment Of Civil And Criminal Collier County Cases 10/31/1986
1986-49 Special Assignment Of Civil And Criminal Monroe County Cases 11/01/1986
1986-48 Special Assignment - Signing Of Land Condemnation Orders 08/25/1986
1986-47 Special Assignment Of Criminal Cases From Northern District Of Florida To Honorable Thomas E. Scott 08/28/1986


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