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2006 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
2006-31 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule-Fort Lauderdale 12/05/2006
2006-30 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule-Miami 12/05/2006
2006-29 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule-West Palm Beach 10/05/2006
2006-28 Replacement Federal Grand Juries 10/31/2006
2006-27 Admendments to the Local Rules-Notice of Proposed Amendment of Opportunity for Public Comments, And For Hearing to Receive Comments 10/26/2006
2006-26 Requirement That Members of the SDFL Bar File Documents Electronically 10/26/2006
2006-25 Computation of Time for Case Filings during the Conversion to CM/ECF 09/29/2006
2006-24 Authorization For CM/ECF and CM/ECF Administrative Procedures (Attached to Administrative Order) 09/29/2006
2006-23 Order Scheduling 2007 Judges' Meetings 10/25/2006
2006-22 Designation of Bankruptcy Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr. As Chief Bankruptcy Judge (Effective September 26, 2006) 08/21/2006
2006-21 Certification Of the Clinical Placement Program for University of Miami School Of Law (Legal Interns: Tiffany Donaldson, Nicole Golden, Abigail M.Lyle, Randi Maves, Ashely Mroczek, And Rene Griffith) 08/17/2006
2006-20 Certification Of the Clinical Placement Program for Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center (Legal Intern Jennifer Conklin) 08/17/2006
2006-19 Appointment of Federal Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Panel 07/31/2006
2006-18 Amendment to Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan (Miami Division and Fort Lauderdale Division) (Due To the Temporary Unavailability of Magistrate Judge Klein 07/21/2006
2006-17 Order Appointing Commissioners for East Everglades Acquisition Project (Effective Immediately and Shall Expire On August 1, 2008 Without Further Order) 07/27/2006
2006-16 Cellular Phone and Electronic Equipment Usage in the Courthouse 07/28/2006
2006-15 Appointment of Magistrate Judge Ted E. Bandstra as Chief United States Magistrate Judge 07/05/2006
2006-14 Assignment of Bankruptcy Appeals 07/05/2006
2006-13 Certification Of The Clinical Placement Program For University Of Miami School Of Law (Student Interns: Daniel Lever, Anick Forcier, Natalie Stevens, William Pardue) 07/05/2006
2006-12 Petition for Reinstatement of Gene Flinn 05/30/2006


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