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1992 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
1992-71 Index To These Administrative Orders 12/21/1992
1992-70 Order Of Disbarment - Gary L. Self. Note: This Order Was Amended 02/06/93 Both The Original And Amended Order Are Scanned 12/21/1992
1992-69 Order Of Disbarment - Arlyne M. Gordon Warshall 12/19/1992
1992-68 Assignment Of Cases Filed In The Fort Pierce Division 12/22/1992
1992-67 Assignment Of Cases To Senior District Judge James Lawrence King 01/26/1993
1992-66 Pending 12/19/1992
1992-65 Order Of Disbarment - Nicolas Duarte, Jr. 12/19/1992
1992-64 Replacement Federal Grand Juries 11/24/1992
1992-63 Appointment Of Federal Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Panel 11/18/1992
1992-62 Jury Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 11/25/1992
1992-61 Certification Of The Clinical Placement Program For St. Thomas University 12/31/1992
1992-60 Certification Of The Clinical Placement Program For The University Of Miami 12/31/1992
1992-59 Certification Of The Clinical Placement Program For Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 12/31/1992
1992-58 Pending 11/09/1992
1992-57 Certification Of Student Legal Intern: Roger Scott, Jr. 11/09/1992
1992-56 Change Of Criminal Case Category 89-639-Cr-Gonzalez, 90-8065-Cr-Roettger 10/17/1992
1992-55 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 10/16/1992
1992-54 Emergency Petition Of The Federal Public Defender With Respect To Prisoner Availability 10/06/1992
1992-53 Designated No Smoking Areas In The West Palm Beach Paul G. Rogers Federal Building And United States Courthouse 10/06/1992
1992-52 Order Scheduling 1993 Judges' Meetings 09/25/1992


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