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All Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
2024-4 Appointment of Members to the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to Review the Southern District of Floridas Jury Pools 01/18/2024
2024-3 Order of Suspension of Hector M. Acosta Carrillo Jr. Florida Bar 1020497 01/10/2024
2024-2 Recommendation of Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Court-Annexed Mediation 01/24/2024
2024-1 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for Jett Pettus 01/04/2024
2023-91 Amendment to AO 2023-73 Appointment of Members to Ad Hoc Committee 12/29/2023
2023-90 Order of Suspension Mariano Roman Gonzalez Jr. Florida Bar 983063 12/29/2023
2023-89 Order of Disbarment of Michael Thomas Dolce Florida Bar 48445 12/27/2023
2023-88 Order of Suspension of Todd J. Herman Florida Bar 87252 12/20/2023
2023-86 Order of Suspension of Jose Pete Font Florida Bar 738719 12/08/2023
2023-85 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for Marina Gertsberg 12/04/2023
2023-85 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for Marina Gertsberg 12/04/2023
2023-84 Order on Petition for Reinstatement of Wendell Terry Locke Bar 119260 11/17/2023
2023-83 Order of Suspension of Emelike Nwosuocha Bar 61171 11/02/2023
2023-82 Amended Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Fort Lauderdale 10/31/2023
2023-81 Amended Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan For Miami Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach Fort Pierce and Key West 10/27/2023
2023-80 Replacement Federal Grand Juries 10/18/2023
2023-79 Order on Final Report and Recommendation of Attorney Benjamin Waldo Buck Jr. Florida Bar 117639 10/16/2023
2023-78 Order of Suspension of Joseph Anthony Sorce Florida Bar 38288 10/16/2023
2023-77 Amendments to the Local Rules 10/24/2023
2023-76 Amendment to Standard Conditions of Supervision 10/06/2023


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