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All Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
1987-43 Firearms In Federal Courtrooms In Southern District 08/28/1987
1987-42 Canceling Of Duty Magistrate Court Due To Visit Of President Ronald Reagan And Pope John Paul II 08/26/1987
1987-41 Brenda Coleman's Official Court Reporting Notes 08/06/1987
1987-40 Accepting Transfer For Appointment As Official Court Reporter For The Southern District Of Florida Carl Otto Schanzleh Official Court Reporter Northern District Of Georgia 08/06/1987
1987-39 General Counsel- AO 08/06/1987
1987-38 Appointment Of Deputy Clerk - 07/28/1987
1987-37 Order Appointing Rules Committee Southern District Of Florida 07/22/1987
1987-36 Appointment Of Committee To Implement New Sentencing Guidelines 07/16/1987
1987-35 Appointment Of Deputy Clerk - 06/30/1987
1987-34 Assigment Of Criminal Category I Case 07/01/1987
1987-33 Appointment Of Deputy Clerk - 06/30/1987
1987-32 Authority For Clerk's Office To Incur Moving Expense For Removal Of Personal Property Of Former Official Court Reporter 06/15/1987
1987-31 Order Designating No Smoking Areas 06/11/1987
1987-30 Accepting Transfer For Appointment As Assistant Administrative Manager, Clerk's Office For The SDFL Richard S. Oda, Administrative Manager District Of Nevada 06/10/1987
1987-29 Order Designating District Judges To Consider And Rule Upon Written Requests For Excusal From Complying With Both Grand And Petit Jury Summonses In Certain Divisions Of The SDFL 06/05/1987
1987-28 Appointment Of Merit Selection Panel 05/13/1987
1987-27 Order Excusing Collier, Glades & Hendry Residents From Jury Service In Miami Or West Palm Beach 04/29/1987
1987-26 Order Placing The Court Interpreter Program Under The Direction Of The Clerk Of Court 04/28/1987
1987-25 Mrs. Brenda Coleman Official Court Reporter 04/10/1987
1987-24 Order Establishing Special Committee Re: Clerk's Office Workload And Courtroom Scheduling 04/06/1987


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