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All Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
1987-63 Special Assignment - Signing Of Land Condemnation Orders 12/31/1987
1987-62 87-2300-Civ-Alh Deangealis V. Crum & Foster Ins. Co. 12/21/1987
1987-61 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Northern Division 12/17/1987
1987-60 Assignment Of Civil And Criminal Highlands, Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, And St. Lucie County Cases 12/14/1987
1987-59 Replacement Federal Grand Jury 12/08/1987
1987-58 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Southern Division. Note This Order Was Amended 8/10/88. Both The Original And Amended Orders Are Scanned 12/02/1987
1987-57 Appointment Of Ann E. Vitunac United States Magistrate Judge At West Palm Beach, Florida 11/30/1987
1987-56 Accepting Transfer For Appointment as US Pretrial Services Officer For The Southern District Of Florida Jose J. Blanco Us Probation Officer District Of Puerto Rico 11/20/1987
1987-55 Change Of Criminal Case Categories: 82-575-Cr-Hastings 11/12/1987
1987-54 Change Of Criminal Case Categories: 85-472-Cr-Zloch 10/26/1987
1987-53 Designation Of The Honorable Sidney M. Aronovitz, Acting Chief Judge 10/26/1987
1987-52 Admission Of Attorneys To Practice In This Court 10/16/1987
1987-51 Appointment Of Library Committee 10/16/1987
1987-50 Implementation Of Sentencing Procedures Under The Sentencing Reform Act Of 1984 10/16/1987
1987-49 Order Designating District Judges To Consider And Rule Upon Written Requests For Excusal From Complying With Both Grand And Petit Jury Summonses In Certain Divisions Of The SDFL 10/05/1987
1987-48 Blind Random Assignment Three-Year Old Land Condemnation Cases 09/28/1987
1987-47 Accepting Transfer For Appointment As Official Court Reporter For The Southern District Of Florida Linda Fincannon Official Court Reporter Northern District Of Georgia 09/21/1987
1987-46 Accepting Transfer For Appointment As Assistant Supervisor, Administrative Division, Clerk's Office For The SDFL, Matthew S. Balch, Clerks Program Specialist AO Of The Us Courts 09/21/1987
1987-45 Change Of Criminal Case Categories: 84-8069-Cr-Spellman; 85-382-Cr-Zloch 09/03/1987
1987-44 Appointment Of Linnea R. Johnson United States Magistrate Judge At Miami, Florida 08/24/1987


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