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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
2017-49 Order of Suspension Attorney Jeffrey William Butcher Florida Bar 173312 08/21/2017
1995-18 Order of Suspension - Thomas Bartlette Matthews 02/25/1995
2009-21 Petition for Reinstatement of Attorney James Robert Gailey Florida Bar #304832 06/19/2009
2012-78 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Miami 10/10/2012
1987-59 Replacement Federal Grand Jury 12/08/1987
1995-19 Order of Disbarment - Arthur C. Massey 02/25/1995
2009-22 Bench and Bar Conference 06/23/2009
2012-73 Order of Suspension of Attorney Mikel David Jones Florida Bar 187690 09/11/2012
1987-60 Assignment Of Civil And Criminal Highlands, Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, And St. Lucie County Cases 12/14/1987
2003-39 Order of Suspension - Francisca Kathleen C. Lynch 05/12/2003
1989-31 Assignment Of All District Pro Se Cases To United States Magistrate Charlene H. Sorrentino 06/23/1989
2005-16 Appointment of Members to Ad Hoc Committee on Attorney Admissions, Peer Review and Attorney Grievance for the United States District Court, Southern District Of Florida 03/04/2005
2018-24 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Gary W Kovacs Florida Bar 973483 04/09/2018
1996-13 Revised Order Appointing Commissioners for East Everglades Cases 04/09/1996
2021-81 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for Dr Casey Dougal 09/17/2021
2000-71 Order of Disbarment - Lijyasu Mahomet Kandekore 09/19/2000
1991-61 Order Appointing Francine C. Salopek Official Court Reporter 08/27/1991
2007-6 Modification of Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan (Central and Nothern Divisions: Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Fort Pierce) 02/12/2007
1993-36 Random Assignment of All Pending Cases in the Fort Pierce Division to the Five Judges Currently In the Fort Pierce Assignment Wheel 06/17/1993
2011-67 Order of Suspension of Attorney George Granville Lewis Florida Bar 67751 08/22/2011


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