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1993 Administrative Orders

Number Title Datesort descending
1993-2 Revised Order Scheduling 1993 Judges' Meetings 01/15/1993
1993-3 Designation of All Southern District Courthouses & Offices as Smoke Free Facilities 01/19/1993
1993-4 Adoption of New Local Rules and Revocation of All Previously Existing Local Rules 01/19/1993
1993-1 Order of Disbarment - Carlos Celso Cruz 01/19/1993
1993-7 Transfer of Judge Kenneth L. Ryskamp's Place of Abode from Miami to West Palm Beach 01/22/1993
1993-5 Authorization for Clerk to Negotiate the Designation of Nations Bank as Authorized Registry Depository 01/26/1993
1993-8 Special Assignment - Signing Of Land Condemnation Cases 01/26/1993
1993-9 Appointment of "Future" Court Building Committee 02/02/1993
1993-10 Appointment of Frank J. Lynch, Jr., As Part-Time United States Magistrate Judge at Fort Pierce, Florida 02/04/1993
1993-13 Appointment of the District Executive as Hearing Officer in Termination Appeals 02/08/1993
1993-12 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 02/10/1993
1993-14 Order of Disbarment - David M. Verizzo 02/10/1993
1993-11 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 02/11/1993
1993-15 Appointment of Magistrate Judges Committee Membership 02/11/1993
1993-6 Public Access to Loose Pleadings and New Cases Files 02/14/1993
1993-16 Appointment of Mediation Committee 02/16/1993
1993-21 Authorization for the Use of Oleoresin Capsicum (Cap-Stun) By Pretrial Services Officers 03/01/1993
1993-18 Order of Disbarment - James W. Aaron 03/12/1993
1993-17 Order of Disbarment - James Roth 03/12/1993
1993-20 Order of Disbarment - G. Steward Mchenry 03/12/1993


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