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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
2008-13 Key West Division Case Assignment Wheel 05/22/2008
1985-36 Appointment Of Magistrate-District Judge Teams For The Southern District Of Florida 09/03/1985
2021-62 Amendment to Membership of Fairness and Diversity Committee for the Southern District of Florida 07/01/2021
1990-57 Order Of Disbarment - Enid J. Ribowsky-Cruz 05/11/1990
2012-63 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Scott Elliot Rovenger Florida Bar 249734 08/13/2012
1997-38 Order of Suspension - Sheldon R. Zilbert 09/11/1997
2003-62 Reassignment Of District Judge Norman C. Roettger's Criminal Cases (Fam) 06/23/2003
2010-110 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Michael H. Lubin Florida Bar 314293 08/16/2010
2013-53 Order of Suspension of Attorney Kathleen M.P. Davis Florida Bar 69833 09/11/2013
2016-54 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Miami 11/01/2016
1992-66 Pending 12/19/1992
1996-39 Order Of Suspension - Ronald Lee Fried 08/16/1996
2018-46 Order of Suspension of Attorney Rolando Enrique Rodriguez Florida Bar 96840 07/04/2018
1994-7 Appointment of William C. Turnoff as United States Magistrate Judge at Miami, Florida 02/15/1994
2000-95 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 12/27/2000
1984-13 Amendment to General Local Rule 7 07/17/1984
1987-29 Order Designating District Judges To Consider And Rule Upon Written Requests For Excusal From Complying With Both Grand And Petit Jury Summonses In Certain Divisions Of The SDFL 06/05/1987
2017-3 Order of Suspension of Attorney William R Cohen Florida Bar 127310 01/19/2017


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