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1998 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
1998-24 Order of Suspension - Timothy J. Hmielewski 06/24/1998
1998-23 Order of Suspension - John Joseph Spittler 06/24/1998
1998-22 Reassignment of Senior Judge C. Clyde Atkins' Cases 06/17/1998
1998-21 Appointment of New Members to the Magistrate Judges Committee 06/06/1998
1998-20 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Fort Lauderdale 06/04/1998
1998-19 Reassignment of Senior Judge C. Clyde Atkins' Cases 06/30/1998
1998-18 Appointment of New Member to the "Future" Building Committee 06/25/1998
1998-17 Appointment of Members to the Court Security Committee 07/15/1998
1998-16 Federal Judicial Bar and Community Liaison Committee 05/20/1998
1998-15 Appointment of New Committee Members to the District Examination Committee Pursuant To Rule 7 of the Special Rules Governing the Admission and Practice of Attorneys 05/20/1998
1998-14 Reappointment of Members of the Grievance Committee of the Southern District Of Florida 05/13/1998
1998-13 Reaffirmation - Delegation of the Court Personnel System Classification, Compensation and Job Qualification Authorities 04/30/1998
1998-12 Order of Disbarment - Ronald T. Spann 03/24/1998
1998-11 Order of Suspension - Erol M. Vural 03/24/1998
1998-10 Signing of Land Condemnation Orders 03/11/1998
1998-9 Order of Suspension - Alec J. Ross 03/12/1998
1998-8 Change of Criminal Case Category 96-6086-Cr-Ryskamp, USA V. Prosperi 03/24/1998
1998-7 Order Scheduling 1998 Judges' Meetings Note: This Order Was Amended 7/03/98 both the Original And Amended Order Are Scanned 02/09/1998
1998-6 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 02/10/1998
1998-5 Appointment of New Member to the Advisory Committee on Rules and Procedures of the Southern District Of Florida 04/10/1998


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