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1992 Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
1992-46 Order Of Disbarment - David A. Graham 08/14/1992
1992-67 Assignment Of Cases To Senior District Judge James Lawrence King 01/26/1993
1992-65 Order Of Disbarment - Nicolas Duarte, Jr. 12/19/1992
1992-53 Designated No Smoking Areas In The West Palm Beach Paul G. Rogers Federal Building And United States Courthouse 10/06/1992
1992-52 Order Scheduling 1993 Judges' Meetings 09/25/1992
1992-51 Assignment Of Cases To Senior District Judge James W. Kehoe 10/13/1992
1992-50 Hurricane Andrew Court Family Relief Committee 09/16/1992
1992-49 Appointment Of Jill Nexon Berman, Esq. As Chairperson Of The Advisory Committee On Rules And Procedures Of The Southern District Of Florida Vice Joseph W. Womack, Esq. 09/17/1992
1992-48 Emergency Matters Arising From Current Cases Pending Before Judges In The Southern District Of Florida 09/03/1992
1992-47 The Matter Of The Summoning Of Jury Panels For Trials In Miami 09/01/1992
1992-54 Emergency Petition Of The Federal Public Defender With Respect To Prisoner Availability 10/06/1992
1992-45 Order Of Disbarment - Patricia A. Williams 08/14/1992
1992-44 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Fort Lauderdale And West Palm Beach 08/14/1992
1992-43 Change Of Criminal Case Category, 92-44-Cr-Highsmith 08/14/1992
1992-42 Order Of Disbarment - Harvey S. Swickle 07/15/1992
1992-41 Civil Justice Advisory Group Appointments. Note: This Order Was Amended 7/15/02 Both The Original And Amended Order Are Scanned 07/13/1992
1992-40 Order Of Disbarment - Edward Jay Salnik 07/02/1992
1992-39 Order Of Disbarment - Edward A. Nagel 07/02/1992
1992-38 Removal Of Chief Judge Roettger From The Category V. Criminal Case Assignment Wheel 06/10/1992
1992-37 Application - Authority To Accept Confiscated Or Surplus Weapons 05/28/1992


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