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All Administrative Orders

Number Title Datesort descending
1985-9 Big Cypress National Preserve 02/12/1985
1985-10 Appointment Of Deputy Clerk 02/20/1985
1985-11 Appointment Of Deputy Clerk 02/27/1985
1985-13 Supplemental Order Designating District Judges To Consider And Rule Upon Written Requests For Excusal From Complying With Both Grand And Petit Jury Summonses In Certain Divisions... 03/18/1985
1985-14 Grievance Referral Re: Francis A. Anania, Esq. And Joseph A. Asselta, Esq. 03/18/1985
1985-12 Big Cypress National Preserve 03/19/1985
1985-15 Assignment Of Cases To The Honorable Joe Eaton After April 1, 1985 03/20/1985
1985-16 General Local Rules, As Amended 03/21/1985
1985-17 General Local Rules, As Amended 03/25/1985
1985-31 Accepting Transfer For Appointment As Us Probation Officer For The Southern District Of Florida Gunther Haselbauer United States Probation Officer District Of New Mexico 05/10/1985
1985-18 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule 05/29/1985
1985-19 Plan For Random Selection For Grand And Petit Jurors 05/29/1985
1985-20 Policy Statement Regarding Property Bonds To Secure Appearance Of Defendants 07/19/1985
1985-21 Magistrate Local Rules, As Amended 07/19/1985
1985-22 Authority Invested In Court Reporter Coordinator To Assign Official Court Reporters 07/22/1985
1985-23 Compliance With Judicial Conference Requirements Concerning 10-Pitch Type By Official Court Reporters 07/22/1985
1985-25 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Southern Division 07/26/1985
1985-29 Procedure For Filling Position Of Federal Public Defender, Southern District Of Florida 07/26/1985
1985-26 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Northern Division 07/26/1985
1985-27 Unathorized Removal Of Furniture And Furnishings 07/26/1985


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