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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
2020-53 Coronavirus Public Emergency - Sixth Order Concerning Jury Trials and Other Proceedings 08/11/2020
2013-82 Order of Suspension of Attorney Thomas William Austin Jr Florida Bar 90573 11/26/2013
2000-3 Order of Suspension of Harry Gene Robbins 01/24/2000
2016-31 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Joseph Bernstein Fl Bar 228397 07/11/2016
1994-63 Appointment of Frank J. Lynch, Jr. As Full-Time Us Magistrate Judge At Fort Pierce, Florida 11/23/1994
2010-90 Order of Suspension of Attorney Nathaniel Joe Birdsong III Florida Bar 187372 07/14/2010
2021-94 Order on Probationary Period of Attorney Michelle Renee Suskauer Florida Bar 908230 11/09/2021
1995-42 Appointment of Ann E. Vitunac as United States Magistrate Judge at West Palm Beach, Florida 07/26/1995
2012-97 Direct Assignment of Jones v State Attorney Case No 12-CV-24253 12/18/2012
1988-17 Addendum To The Plan For The Implementation Of The Criminal Justice Act Of 1964, As Amended, 18 U.S.C. § 3006a. Note: This Order Was Amended 07/07/1988. 05/31/1988
2021-3 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Rashida Mosi Overby Florida Bar 474230 01/11/2021
2003-63 Reassignment Of District Judge Norman C. Roettger's Criminal Cases (Jal) 06/23/2003
1989-54 Advisory Committee On Rules And Procedure Of The Southern District Of Florida 12/20/1989
2018-86 Order of Disbarment of Attorney John Patrick Contini Florida Bar 369446 11/06/2018
2005-39 Order Scheduling 2006 Judges' Meetings 10/03/2005
2009-42 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for University Of Miami School Of Law 10/09/2009
1996-40 Order Of Suspension - Mark Stephen Barnett 08/16/1996
2014-88 Order of Suspension of Attorney Janice L. Jennings Florida Bar 472352 09/29/2014
1990-79 Order Of Disbarment - Robert Howard Burns 07/13/1990
2000-96 Index to these Administrative Orders 12/27/2000


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