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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
2014-80 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Bernard H. Butts Jr. Florida Bar 103710 08/25/2014
2013-3 Appointment of Members to the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Court-Annexed Mediation 01/15/2013
2021-36 Order of Suspension of Attorney Oanh Kim Tran Florida Bar 112235 04/20/2021
1986-58 Big Cypress National Preserve 12/24/1986
1993-83 Order of Suspension - Charles D. Barnard 10/25/1993
2019-88 Amended Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan 11/13/2019
2003-95 Petition For Reinstatement - Ricardo P. Hermida 10/14/2003
1987-14 Big Cypress National Preserve 03/02/1987
1997-4 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 01/22/1997
2010-103 Order of Suspension of Attorney Frank Elie Amsalem Florida Bar 78204 08/09/2010
2016-15 Order of Suspension of Attorney Anthony Samuda Florida Bar 318190 03/17/2016
2009-17 Uniform Procedures for Sealing Recordings and Evidence Obtained Pursuant To Court Authorized Interception of Wire, Oral, And Electronic Communications* 06/03/2009
2004-11 Appointment of Chris Marie Mcaliley as United States Magistrate Judge at Miami, Florida 03/10/2004
1990-10 Order Of Consolidation Solely For The Purpose Of Entertaining Motion To Remand 01/23/1990
1998-30 Order of Suspension - Edward C. Vining, Sr. 06/24/1998
2012-62 Order of Suspension of Attorney Rita Rosato Pitassi Florida Bar 25292 07/23/2012
2007-63 Order Denying Motion for Rehearing on Karten Disbarment 11/13/2007
2014-4 Order of Suspension of Attorney Sherman N Smith III Florida Bar 132630 01/06/2014
2018-7 Order on Petition for Reinstatement of Attorney Bradford L Stewart Florida Bar 15760 01/29/2018
2022-12 Amendment to Administrative Order 2021-99 Amendment to Membership of Ad Hoc CJA Panel Selection Committee for the US District Court Southern District of Florida 01/26/2022


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