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2021 Administrative Orders

Numbersort descending Title Date
2021-61 Amendment to Membership of Space and Facilities Committee 07/01/2021
2021-62 Amendment to Membership of Fairness and Diversity Committee for the Southern District of Florida 07/01/2021
2021-63 Establishment of Pro Se Prisoner Committee for the Southern District of Florida 07/01/2021
2021-64 Appointment of Employment Dispute Resolution Plan Coordinator and Alternate 07/07/2021
2021-65 Coronavirus Public Emergency - Order Concerning Criminal Matters and Speedy Trial Act 07/08/2021
2021-66 Order of Suspension of Attorney Danielle Justine Butler Florida Bar 517161 07/08/2021
2021-67 Appointment of Federal Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Panel Regarding the Magistrate Judge Vacancy in West Palm Beach Florida 07/09/2021
2021-68 Partial Sequestration of Grand Jurors 07/09/2021
2021-69 Dissolution of Committee Regarding Fort Lauderdale Federal Courthouse 07/30/2021
2021-70 Vaccination Policy Under the Exigent Circumstances Created By the COVID-19 Pandemic 08/13/2021
2021-72 Order of Suspension of Attorney Arthur J Morburger Florida Bar 157287 08/18/2021
2021-73 Order of Suspension of Attorney Rasheed Karim Allen Florida Bar 88525 08/24/2021
2021-74 Coronavirus Public Emergency - Seventh Order Concerning Authorization Under the CARES Act 08/25/2021
2021-75 Security Screening Policies and Procedures 08/27/2021
2021-76 Order of Suspension of Attorney Jacob Aaron Weil Florida Bar 1010482 08/31/2021
2021-77 Order on Petition for Reinstatement of Attorney Lavenia Dianne Mason nka Lavenia Dianne Santos Florida Bar 788600 09/03/2021
2021-78 Amendments to the Local Rules Notice of Proposed Amendments of Opportunity for Public Comments and of Hearing to Receive Comments 09/08/2021
2021-80 Order Granting Request to Resign for Attorney James Valvano, II Florida Bar 105473 09/15/2021
2021-81 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for Dr Casey Dougal 09/17/2021
2021-82 Order of Suspension of Attorney Don Gonzalez Florida Bar 970130 09/20/2021


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