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1994 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
1994-28 Order of Suspension - Lawrence Schecterman 06/15/1994
1994-27 Order of Suspension - Stephen Anthony Glass 06/15/1994
1994-26 Pending 05/24/1994
1994-25 Examination and Destruction of Miscellaneous Sealed Materials Now Housed In the Vault Located In the Office of Magistrate Judge Linnea R. Johnson 05/24/1994
1994-24 Civil Cases Transferred From Judge Jose A. Gonzalez, Jr. 05/20/1994
1994-23 Changes of Criminal Case Category 93-352-Cr-Marcus, USA V. Pablo Camacho, et al 05/27/1994
1994-22 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, West Palm Beach 05/19/1994
1994-21 Modification of Assignment of Matters to Magistrate Judges in the Northern Division. Note: This Order Was Amended 5/24/94 both the Original And Amended Order Are Scanned. 05/19/1994
1994-20 Order of Disbarment - Harvey Shenberg 05/17/1994
1994-19 General Local Rule 88.4 Amendment to Collateral Forfeiture Schedules 05/12/1994
1994-18 Petition for Reinstatement of Charles Bernard 06/10/1994
1994-17 Rescinding of Administrative Order No. 94-15 Regarding Federal Rule Of Civil Procedure 26 05/10/1994
1994-16 Appointment of Magistrate Judge William C. Turnoff as Chief United States Magistrate Judge 04/08/1994
1994-15 New Rules of Federal Civil Procedure, Rule 26 03/31/1994
1994-14 Assignment of Additional Civil Cases to Judge K. Michael Moore 03/31/1994
1994-13 Appointment of New Members to the Advisory Committee on Rules and Procedures of the Southern District Of Florida 10/25/1994
1994-12 Amended Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 03/23/1994
1994-11 Appointment of Carol Soret Cope, As Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Mediation of the Southern District Of Florida Vice Barry R. Davidson 03/23/1994
1994-10 Amended Plan for the Establishment, Administration and Operation of the Federal Bench and Bar Fund 04/07/1994
1994-9 Appointment of Hugh J. Morgan as Part-Time United States Magistrate Judge at Key West, Florida 02/15/1994


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