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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
2009-59 Appointment of Space and Facilities Committee 11/22/2009
1996-61 Order Establishing New Admission Fee For Attorneys Seeking Admission To Our Local Bar, As Well As Those Seeking Appearance Pursuant To Rule 4(B) Of The Special Rules Governing The Admission And Practice Of Attorneys 12/18/1996
2014-105 Amendments to the Local Rules 11/18/2014
1990-99 Order Scheduling 1991 Judges' Meetings 09/20/1990
2002-69 Amendments to the Local Rules - Notice Of Proposed Amendments, Or Opportunity for Public Comments and Of Hearing to Receive Comments 12/09/2002
2015-68 Order Adopting Report and Recommendation & Disbarring Cyrus Bischoff 10/23/2015
1992-22 Order Of Disbarment - S. Edward Groot 03/27/1992
2007-51 Reassignment of East Everglades Acquisition Project Cases Formerly Assigned to Chief Judge Federico A. Moreno 10/09/2007
1998-20 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Fort Lauderdale 06/04/1998
1986-29 Civil Designation Form - Js-44 06/29/1986
2020-43 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Rafael Angel Castro, III Florida Bar 47015 06/30/2020
2001-62 Reassignment Of Senior Judge Lenore C. Nesbitt's Cases to Honorable Federico A. Moreno 10/17/2001
2016-24 Amendments to Administrative Order 2010-142, Appointment of Members to Ad Hoc Committee on Rules and Procedures for The United States District Court, Southern District of Florida 05/13/2016
1994-50 Use of Forms & Stamps Bearing T.G. Cheleotis 10/13/1994
2010-78 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for University of Miami School of Law 06/17/2010
2019-84 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Miami 10/31/2019
1995-30 Appointment of New Members to the Advisory Committee on Rules and Procedures for the Southern District Of Florida 04/27/1995
2012-84 Order of Suspension of Attorney James Thomas Roslund Florida Bar 169359 10/18/2012
1988-5 Appointment Of Special Committee 02/26/1988
2003-51 Reassignment of Cases Consolidated With Beninati V. Bombardier, Inc. Case No. 02-60192-Civ-Moore 06/03/2003


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