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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort descending Title Date
1999-43 Appointment of Members on the Grievance Committee of the Southern District Of Florida 06/01/1999
2013-8 Appointment of Patrick M. Hunt as United States Magistrate Judge at Miami Florida 01/28/2013
2003-111 Modification Of Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan (Northern Division) 11/06/03 Amended 11/13/2003
1990-115 Adverse Personnel Action Appeal In The Matter Of Rory J. Mcmahon 12/07/1990
1993-101 Reassignment of Judge Moore's Category IV Cases 12/09/1993
2019-96 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Juan I. Ruiz Florida Bar 13941 12/19/2019
2010-15 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Joseph J Weisenfeld Florida Bar 135021 03/23/2010
1997-22 Assignment Policy for Criminal Category IV Cases 07/31/1997
2012-22 Order of Suspension of Attorney James Crenshaw Kelley Florida Bar 238392 03/19/2012
2004-31 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for University Of Miami School Of Law 07/26/2004
2021-50 Coronavirus Public Emergency - Tenth Order Concerning Jury Trials and Other Proceedings 06/01/2021
1995-54 Application and Order for Disposal of Firearms Confiscated By Probation Officers 09/22/1995
2016-42 Marcy Elizabeth Abitz Florida Bar #618772 09/19/2016
2008-8 Order Establishing New Compensation Rate for Mediators Certified Under Local Rule 16.2 03/13/2008
2009-61 Amendments to the Local Rules-Notice of Proposed Amendments of Opportunity for Public Comments and of Hearing 12/07/2009
1998-48 Order of Disbarment - Howard Elliot Horowitz 08/24/1998
2021-101 Order on Petition for Reinstatement of Attorney William Robert Amlong Florida Bar 470228 12/07/2021
2014-9 Order of Suspension of Attorney Laura E. Spencer Florida Bar 84130 02/05/2014
2000-19 Appointment of Magistrate Judge Linnea R. Johnson as Chief United States Magistrate Judge 03/28/2000
2014-14 Modification of Pro Se Representation by Attorneys in Civil Cases 03/03/2014


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