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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
1984-19 Bankruptcy Proceedings 08/14/1984
2020-15 Order of Suspension of Attorney Erica Helene Kobloth Florida Bar 95212 03/05/2020
1998-13 Reaffirmation - Delegation of the Court Personnel System Classification, Compensation and Job Qualification Authorities 04/30/1998
2011-101 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Julio Antonio Rodriguez Florida Bar 982709 11/30/2011
1987-35 Appointment Of Deputy Clerk - 06/30/1987
2009-28 Assignment of QBE Insurance Cases 07/21/2009
2001-55 Reassignment Of Senior Judge Lenore C. Nesbitt's Cases to Honorable Adalberto Jordan 10/17/2001
1993-5 Authorization for Clerk to Negotiate the Designation of Nations Bank as Authorized Registry Depository 01/26/1993
2017-47 Appointment of Federal Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Panel - West Palm Beach 07/27/2017
2012-51 Order Granting Petition for Reinstatement of Attorney Peter David Ticktin Florida Bar 887935 06/20/2012
1990-31 Order Of Disbarment - David L. Kline 04/30/1990
2003-44 Reassignment Of District Judge Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr's Cases (Pch) 05/22/2003
2013-66 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule West Palm Beach 10/09/2013
1991-36 Order Denying Plaintiff's Motion To Recuse 04/24/1991
2005-20 Change to Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, West Palm Beach 03/11/2005
2022-27 Amendment to Membership of Standing Committee 03/17/2022
2000-75 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for University Of Miami School Of Law 09/26/2000
2021-55 Recommendation of Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Court-Annexed Mediation 06/14/2021
1993-96 Assignment of Cases Filed In the Key West Division 11/24/1993
2007-11 Jordan;Reassignment of Senior District Judge James C. Paine's cases (AJ) 06/12/2007


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