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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
1994-56 Transfer of Unclaimed Registry Funds to the Treasury of the United States Pursuant To 28 U.S.C. Section 2042 12/26/1994
2016-25 Partial Reassignment of Senior District Judge Kenneth L. Ryskamp’s Civil Cases 05/17/2016
2010-83 Reassignment of Social Security Cases 06/30/2010
1995-35 Handling and Destruction of Sealed Documents 05/31/1995
2019-85 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Richard Walter Springer Florida Bar 176285 11/05/2019
1988-10 Administrative Oversight Committee 04/07/1988
2012-86 Retention of Electronic Surveillance Records and Grand Jury Matters 10/19/2012
2020-15 Order of Suspension of Attorney Erica Helene Kobloth Florida Bar 95212 03/05/2020
2003-56 Reassignment of District Judge Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr.'s Cases 06/11/2003
1989-47 Appointment Of Ted Eugene Bandstra As United States Magistrate At Miami, Florida 09/25/1989
2005-32 Constituting Master Jury Wheel 07/20/2005
2021-5 Appointment of Consuelo Irimia as Chief United States Probation Officer 01/13/2021
1996-34 Amendment To The Schedule For Violations And Fines For The V.A. 06/27/1996
2009-32 Amendment to Administrative Order 2009-27 In Re: Appointment of Committee Regarding Fort Lauderdale Federal Courthouse 09/04/2009
2000-89 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 11/07/2000
2014-75 Amended Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan 07/31/2014
1991-77 Adoption Of Civil Justice Expense And Delay Reduction Plan In The Southern District Of Florida 11/21/1991
2015-37 Recommendations of Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Court-Annexed Mediation 06/01/2015
2007-23 Cooke;Reassignment of Senior District Judge James C. Paine's cases (MGC) 06/12/2007
1993-52 Order of Suspension - Harry Winderman. Note: This Order Was Amended 8/06/93 both the Original And Amended Order Are Scanned 07/30/1993


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