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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
2020-20 Court Operations Under the Exigent Circumstances Created By COVID-19 and Related Coronavirus 03/18/2020
1999-35 Petition for Reinstatement - Edward Conrad Sawyer 04/26/1999
1985-12 Big Cypress National Preserve 03/19/1985
2019-71 Order on Motion to Vacate - John Bruce Thompson Florida Bar 231665 09/17/2019
2003-103 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule West Palm Beach 10/21/2003
2014-23 Order of Suspension of Attorney Yolanda Maria Concepcion Florida Bar 159867 03/24/2014
1993-93 Order of Disbarment - Dennis Joel Simon 12/09/1993
1986-44 Order Sealing Grand Jury Material Before Grand Jury 86-3 08/25/1986
2010-7 Amendment to Administrative Order 2009-08 In Re: Appointment of Committee Regarding Federal Criminal Litigation 03/03/2010
1997-14 Constituting Master Jury Wheels 04/18/1997
1990-119 Index To These Administrative Orders 12/17/1990
2004-22 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for University Of Miami School Of Law 05/21/2004
2017-59 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Fort Lauderdale 10/06/2017
1992-42 Order Of Disbarment - Harvey S. Swickle 07/15/1992
2015-74 Order of Suspension of Attorney Margaret Blot Florida Bar 12507 11/04/2015
2007-71 Amendment to Court Operations Schedule During Holidays 12/28/2007
1998-40 Implementation of Set Term for Chief Bankruptcy Judge Note: This Order Was Amended 4/16/99 both the Original And Amended Order Are Scanned 07/22/1998
2017-32 Order of Suspension of Attorney Anett Lopez Florida Bar 958611 05/26/2017
1989-57 Accepting Transfer For Appointment As United States Probation Officer For The Southern District Of Florida Margaret E. Morefield United States Probation Officer FLMD 12/07/1989
2000-11 Appointment of New Members to the Advisory Committee on Rules and Procedures of the Southern District Of Florida 02/14/2000


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