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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
1997-41 Order of Suspension - Larry W. Sparks 10/30/1997
2012-72 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Steven Neil Lippman Florida Bar 709638 09/10/2012
2016-73 Order Regarding Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds 11/29/2016
1999-67 Appointment of New Committee Members to the District Examination Committee Pursuant To Rule 7 of the Special Rules Governing the Admission and Practice of Attorneys 10/04/1999
2013-65 Order Scheduling 2014 Judges Meetings 10/09/2013
2018-27 Amendment to Administrative Order 2012-60 Appointment of the Ad Hoc CJA Panel Selection Committee for USDC SDFL 04/10/2018
2008-40 Order Scheduling 2009 Judges' Meeting 11/06/2008
1992-69 Order Of Disbarment - Arlyne M. Gordon Warshall 12/19/1992
2009-44 Order of Suspension of Attorney David Michael Scott Florida Bar 132934 10/13/2009
2010-51 Reference to Ad Hoc Committee on Attorney Admissions Peer Review and Attorney Grievance for the United States District Court Southern District of Florida 05/11/2010
2021-48 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Howard Weil Rubinstein 05/24/2021
1994-10 Amended Plan for the Establishment, Administration and Operation of the Federal Bench and Bar Fund 04/07/1994
1984-16 Appoitment of Rafael Hernandez 08/07/1984
2000-38 Order of Suspension - Richard A. Graddock 05/17/2000
1987-32 Authority For Clerk's Office To Incur Moving Expense For Removal Of Personal Property Of Former Official Court Reporter 06/15/1987
2020-51 Order of Suspension of Attorney Mary Catherine Bonner Florida Bar 283398 07/29/2020
2003-11 Amended Plan for the Administration of the Federal Bench and Bar Fund to Reflect Change of Custodian 03/19/2003
2011-46 Order of Suspension of Attorney Bruce Gregory Kaufmann Florida Bar 743925 05/26/2011
1993-2 Revised Order Scheduling 1993 Judges' Meetings 01/15/1993
1998-72 Amendments to the Local Rules - Notice Of Proposed Amendments of Opportunity for Public Comments and Of Hearing to Receive Comments 11/18/1998


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