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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
2015-9 Amendments to Federal Bankruptcy Rules and Local Rule 87 4 re Processing of Bankruptcy Appeals 02/19/2015
1998-41 Order of Suspension - Joseph C. Martucci 07/28/1998
1989-58 Void 12/21/1989
2000-12 Appointment of New Committee Members to the District Examination Committee Pursuant To Rule 7 of the Special Rules Governing the Admission and Practice of Attorneys 02/14/2000
2011-51 Order of Suspension of Attorney Joseph Peter Cinney Florida Bar 876569 06/22/2011
1991-2 Special Assignment- Signing Of Land Condemnation Orders 01/02/1991
2020-46 Amended Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Miami 07/09/2020
2017-13 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Teddy Sliwinski Florida Bar 678201 03/03/2017
2014-57 Abolishment of Bankruptcy Appeals Case Assignment Wheel 06/11/2014
2019-1 Amended Plan for the Administration of the Federal Bench and Bar Fund to Reflect Change of Custodian 01/01/2019
2002-10 Petition for Reinstatement of Attorney Leon E. Tozo as a Member of the Bar of This Court 06/13/2002
1988-27 Assignment Of Cases Presently Pending Or To Be Assigned In The Division Of The Honorable Alcee L. Hastings 08/05/1988
2003-72 Reassignment Of District Judge Norman C. Roettger's Criminal Cases (Wjz) 06/23/2003
2010-146 Amendments to the Local Rules - Notice of Proposed Amendments of Opportunity for Public Comments and of Hearing to Receive Comments 12/06/2010
1993-62 Karen D. Faulkner 07/26/1993
2013-17 Amendment to Administrative Order 2009-27 In Re: Appointment of Committee Regarding Fort Lauderdale Federal Courthouse. 03/22/2013
1996-44 Certification Of The Clinical Placement Program For Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 10/15/1996
1990-88 Surinam Airways Crash Litigation 07/18/1990
2010-24 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Jorge Enrique Rodriguez Florida Bar 378747 04/05/2010
1992-11 Order Of Disbarment - Roy Gelber 03/02/1992


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