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All Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
2002-69 Amendments to the Local Rules - Notice Of Proposed Amendments, Or Opportunity for Public Comments and Of Hearing to Receive Comments 12/09/2002
2019-37 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Howard W Rubinstein Florida Bar 104108 05/21/2019
2012-76 Appointment of Committee to Oversee Events Commemorating Black History Month 09/26/2012
1993-111 Modification of Magistrate Judge Lynch's Assignment in Fort Pierce 12/16/1993
2016-3 Order of Suspension of Attorney George Joseph Charnota Florida Bar 499544 01/07/2016
2010-145 Modification of Miami Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan 12/06/2010
2013-68 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Miami 10/10/2013
2000-24 Order of Suspension - Charles E. Haller, Jr. 04/21/2000
1987-65 Order Designating District Judges To Consider And Rule Upon Written Requests For Excusal From Complying With Both Grand And Petit Jury Summonses In Certain Divisions Of The SDFL 12/31/1987
2001-62 Reassignment Of Senior Judge Lenore C. Nesbitt's Cases to Honorable Federico A. Moreno 10/17/2001
1989-36 Back Dating Of Closeout Orders 07/11/1989
2020-43 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Rafael Angel Castro, III Florida Bar 47015 06/30/2020
1995-64 Implementation of Recommendations Contained In CJRA Annual Assessment 11/09/1995
2010-23 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Lizabeth Leigh Pereira Florida Bar 496375 04/05/2010
1998-58 Change to Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 09/17/1998
2021-86 Order Scheduling 2022 Judges Meetings 10/14/2021
2021-34 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Timothy Lamont Dave Florida Bar 25866 04/12/2021
2003-51 Reassignment of Cases Consolidated With Beninati V. Bombardier, Inc. Case No. 02-60192-Civ-Moore 06/03/2003
2018-28 Amendment to Membership of Standing Committee on Magistrate Judges 04/10/2018
1991-19 Adverse Personnel Action- Appeal Of Rory J. Mcmahon 02/13/1991


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