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2022 Administrative Orders

Number Title Datesort descending
2022-96 Order for Placement on the Inactive List of Attorney Monika Lynn Woodard Florida Bar 126106 11/04/2022
2022-88-A Amended Amendments to the Local Rules 11/16/2022
2022-97 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for Kenta Tsuda 11/18/2022
2022-98 Amendment to Membership of Ad Hoc Committee on Rules and Procedures for the United States District Court Southern District of Florida 11/18/2022
2022-99 Amendment to the Membership of the Space and Facilities Committee 11/22/2022
2022-100 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for John C Crotts 11/30/2022
2022-101 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for Thien Dong 11/30/2022
2022-102 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for Abdibaasid Abdi 12/01/2022
2022-42-A Re-Establishment of Committee Regarding Fort Lauderdale Federal Courthouse 12/02/2022
2022-103 Removal of Certified Mediator from Southern District of Florida Certified Mediators List 12/06/2022
2022-105 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Rodney Glenn Gregory Florida Bar 288561 12/07/2022
2022-104 Appointment of Committee to Oversee Events Commemorating Black History Month 12/07/2022
2022-106 Second Amendment to Membership of Standing Committees 12/13/2022
2022-107 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Chris Ambrosio Florida Bar 11024 12/14/2022
2022-108 Exemption of Fees to Access Pacer for Ryan Hubert 12/20/2022
2022-109 Order of Suspension of William Pena Wells Florida Bar 759848 12/22/2022
2022-110 Recommendation of Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Court-Annexed Mediation 12/28/2022


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