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2021 Administrative Orders

Number Title Datesort descending
2021-40 Amendment to Admin Order 2012-41 Appointment of Members to Ad Hoc Committee on Attorney Admissions Peer Review and Attorney Grievance for USDC 05/10/2021
2021-41 Order of Suspension of Attorney Chris R. Borgia Florida Bar 620874 05/10/2021
2021-42 Order of Suspension of Attorney Damien Aranguren Florida Bar 71401 05/11/2021
2021-43 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Aaron Patrick Honaker Florida Bar 48749 05/14/2021
2021-44 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Richard L Williams Florida Bar 150479 05/14/2021
2021-45 Order on Final Report and Recommendation In Re: Amie Katherine Patty aka Amie Katherine Dilla Florida Bar 83541 05/14/2021
2021-46 Exemption of Fees to Access PACER for Emily M Homer 05/20/2021
2021-47 Exemption of Fees to Access PACER for Ahmanda Lee 05/20/2021
2021-48 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Howard Weil Rubinstein 05/24/2021
2021-49 Procedures for the Filing Service and Management of Highly Sensitive Documents 05/27/2021
2021-50 Coronavirus Public Emergency - Tenth Order Concerning Jury Trials and Other Proceedings 06/01/2021
2021-51 Coronavirus Public Emergency - Sixth Order Concerning Authorization Under the CARES Act 06/01/2021
2021-52 Reassignment of Senior District Judge Ursula Ungaros Cases 06/02/2021
2021-53 Amended Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan For Miami Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach Fort Pierce and Key West 06/04/2021
2021-54 Exemption of Fees to Access PACER for Jiapeng He 06/08/2021
2021-55 Recommendation of Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Court-Annexed Mediation 06/14/2021
2021-56 Interim Amendment to the Student Practice Rule for Approved Bankruptcy Clinical Placement Programs 06/16/2021
2021-57 Order on Petition for Reinstatement of Attorney Alexander John Micheals Florida Bar 449611 06/24/2021
2021-58 Replacement Federal Grand Juries 06/28/2021
2021-59 Membership of Standing Committees 07/01/2021


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