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2014 Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
2014-68 Membership of Standing Committees 07/01/2014
2014-37 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Angel Manuel Garcia Florida Bar 898546 04/30/2014
2014-3 Order of Placement on the Inactive List of Attorney Terence M Brown FB 289612 01/06/2014
2014-69 Review of Sealed Documents-Cases and Access Via CMECF to Documents Subsequently Unsealed 07/08/2014
2014-36 Order of Disbarment of Attorney Charles L. Neustein Florida Bar 112472 04/30/2014
2014-4 Order of Suspension of Attorney Sherman N Smith III Florida Bar 132630 01/06/2014
2014-97 Replacement Federal Grand Juries 10/15/2014
2014-73 Retention and Disposition of Applications for Warrants and Orders To Disclose or Other Miscellaneous Magistrate Matters 07/08/2014
2014-67 Order of Suspension of Attorney Richard A Munoz Florida Bar 937452 06/27/2014
2014-33 Order of Suspension of Attorney Donnette Sonya Russell-Love Florida Bar 351120 04/28/2014
2014-10 Adjustment to Criminal Case Assignment System 02/07/2014
2014-98 Recommendations of Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Court-Annexed Mediation 10/16/2014
2014-66 Order of Suspension of Attorney Stephen Earl Hilker Florida Bar 243019 06/27/2014
2014-41 The Matter of Alan Ira Karten Florida Bar 200263 Order Denying Motion for Reinstatement 04/30/2014
2014-8 Approved Advocacy Training Programs 01/21/2014
2014-101 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule West Palm Beach and Fort Pierce 11/04/2014
2014-74 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for University of Miami School of Law 07/31/2014
2014-42 Order of Suspension of Attorney Marlene C. Montaner Florida Bar 755885 05/05/2014
2014-7 Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic of Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad School of Law 01/21/2014
2014-100 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule Miami 11/04/2014


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