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2003 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
2003-95 Petition For Reinstatement - Ricardo P. Hermida 10/14/2003
2003-94 Electronic Filing In Criminal Cases 09/23/2003
2003-93 Certification Of The Clinical Placement Program For University Of Miami School Of Law 09/16/2003
2003-92 Cellular Phone Usage In The Courthouse 08/26/2003
2003-91 Change To Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Fort Lauderdale 08/14/2003
2003-90 Order Of Suspension - Edward Paul Kreiling 08/14/2003
2003-89 Appointment Of Linnea R. Johnson As United States Magistrate Judge At West Palm Beach, Florida 08/11/2003
2003-88 Order Of Suspension - Omar Javier Arcia 08/14/2003
2003-87 Reassignment Of Senior Judge Norman C. Roettger's Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, And Fort Pierce Civil Cases 08/12/2003
2003-86 Modification Of Magistrate Judge Pairing Assignment Plan (Central And Northern Division: Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Fort Pierce 08/06/2003
2003-85 Reassignment Of Senior Judge Norman C. Roettger's Key West Civil Cases 08/05/2003
2003-84 Order Of Disbarment - Warner Barker Miller, Iii 07/25/2003
2003-83 Order Of Disbarment - Allan M. Elster 07/25/2003
2003-82 Order Of Disbarment - Rosemarie Lynn Richard 07/25/2003
2003-81 Certification Of The Clinical Placement Program For Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Program 07/25/2003
2003-80 Appointment Of New Members To The Committee On Rules And Manuals 07/17/2003
2003-79 Determining Officer Regarding Disclosure Of Pretrial Services And Probation Information 07/08/2003
2003-78 Authorization For The Use Of Oleoresin Capsicum By Pretrial Officers 06/23/2003
2003-77 Order Of Suspension - Saul Smoler 07/01/2003
2003-76 Order Of Disbarment - Thomas L. Romeo 07/01/2003


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