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1997 Administrative Orders

Number Title Date
1997-35 Order of Disbarment - Miguel A. Orta 09/11/1997
1997-34 Order of Disbarment - Harry W. Barron 09/11/1997
1997-33 Order of Disbarment - Earl S. Bagan 09/11/1997
1997-32 Administrative Order #97-32 Is Void 08/26/1997
1997-31 Appointment of New Chairperson to the Grievance Committee of the Southern District Of Florida 08/26/1997
1997-30 Order of Suspension - Curt D. Obront from the CJA Panel Attorney List 08/25/1997
1997-29 Order Appointing Richard Albert Kaufman as Official Court Reporter 08/13/1997
1997-28 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 08/16/1997
1997-27 Petition For Reinstatement - Gerald David O'leary 08/04/1997
1997-26 Appointment of Ted E. Bandstra as United States Magistrate Judge at Miami, Florida 07/31/1997
1997-25 Order of Suspension - Andrew M. Kassier 07/31/1997
1997-24 Appointment of Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Panel 09/28/1997
1997-23 Pending 07/31/1997
1997-22 Assignment Policy for Criminal Category IV Cases 07/31/1997
1997-21 Appointment of New Member to the Advisory Committee on Rules and Procedures of the Southern District Of Florida 06/17/1997
1997-20 Transfer of Chief Judgeship from Honorable Norman C. Roettger, Jr. To Honorable Edward B. Davis 06/04/1997
1997-19 Transfer of Unclaimed Registry Funds to the Treasury 09/30/1997
1997-18 Petition for Reinstatement - Ana Hernandez-Yanks 05/16/1997
1997-17 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 05/16/1997
1997-16 Appointment of New Members to the Grievance Committee of the Southern District Of Florida 04/22/1997


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