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1993 Administrative Orders

Number Title Datesort ascending
1993-53 Order of Suspension - Thomas P. Murphy. Note: This Order Was Amended 8/06/93 both the Original And Amended Order Are Scanned. 07/30/1993
1993-63 Richard B. Marx 07/26/1993
1993-61 Steven Mark Greenberg 07/26/1993
1993-62 Karen D. Faulkner 07/26/1993
1993-57 Credit for Category IV Criminal Case, USA V. Berkey, Et Al Case No. 82-190-Cr-Roettger 07/22/1993
1993-43 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, West Palm Beach 07/22/1993
1993-44 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 07/22/1993
1993-56 Credit for Category IV Criminal Case, USA V. Jarmardo, Et Al, Case No. 80-549-Cr-King 07/22/1993
1993-42 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Fort Lauderdale 07/22/1993
1993-50 Constituting Master Jury Wheels 07/12/1993
1993-54 Order of Disbarment - Ellis S. Simring 07/12/1993
1993-40 Change of Criminal Case Category 87-6098-Cr-Zloch 07/02/1993
1993-47 The Matter of Exempting Assistant Federal Public Defenders from the Trial Bar Requirements of the Local Rules 06/30/1993
1993-48 Change of Criminal Case Category 89-6196-Cr-Ungaro-Benages 06/30/1993
1993-45 Change of Criminal Case Category 91-897-Cr-Moreno, USA V. Lyon, et al 06/30/1993
1993-46 Change of Criminal Case Category 89-6049-Cr-Davis, USA V. James Monaco, ET Al 06/30/1993
1993-38 Order of Suspension - Leoncio E. De La Pena 06/28/1993
1993-39 Order of Disbarment - Benjamin S. Marks 06/28/1993
1993-36 Random Assignment of All Pending Cases in the Fort Pierce Division to the Five Judges Currently In the Fort Pierce Assignment Wheel 06/17/1993
1993-37 Order of Disbarment - Lee Peter Speronis 06/07/1993


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