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1993 Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
1993-23 Transfer of Bankruptcy Appeals to Senior Judge Sidney M. Aronovitz 03/22/1993
1993-110 Swearing in Ceremonies for New Admittees to Our Local Bar 12/15/1993
1993-56 Credit for Category IV Criminal Case, USA V. Jarmardo, Et Al, Case No. 80-549-Cr-King 07/22/1993
1993-24 Order of Disbarment - Humberto J. Aguilar 04/02/1993
1993-111 Modification of Magistrate Judge Lynch's Assignment in Fort Pierce 12/16/1993
1993-57 Credit for Category IV Criminal Case, USA V. Berkey, Et Al Case No. 82-190-Cr-Roettger 07/22/1993
1993-25 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 04/01/1993
1993-112 Change of Criminal Case Category 85-701-Cr-King, USA V. Bowe 12/23/1993
1993-58 Appointment of Panel Selection Committee, Pursuant To the Amended CJA Panel. Note: This Order Was Amended 8/11/93 both the Original And Amended Order Are Scanned 07/30/1993
1993-26 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach 04/01/1993
1993-27 Miscellaneous Sealed Matters 04/01/1993
1993-113 East Everglades Additions to Everglades National Park 12/20/1993
1993-59 Order of Suspension - Benjie Steven Sperling 08/02/1993
1993-28 Swing Secretary Assignment Policy 04/01/1993
1993-114 Change of Criminal Case Category 93-6014-Cr-Marcus, USA V. Sahlen, et al 12/22/1993
1993-6 Public Access to Loose Pleadings and New Cases Files 02/14/1993
1993-29 Order of Disbarment - Howard Gross 06/02/1993
1993-115 Index to These Administrative Orders 12/22/1993
1993-60 Order of Suspension - Guion T. Deloach 08/06/1993
1993-30 Division of Case Assignments between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach 04/24/1993


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