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1993 Administrative Orders

Numbersort descending Title Date
1993-75 Order Of Suspension - Gerald David O'leary 10/05/1993
1993-44 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 07/22/1993
1993-12 Certification of the Clinical Placement Program for Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center 02/10/1993
1993-110 Swearing in Ceremonies for New Admittees to Our Local Bar 12/15/1993
1993-76 Transfer of Three Year Old Fort Pierce Cases 09/10/1993
1993-45 Change of Criminal Case Category 91-897-Cr-Moreno, USA V. Lyon, et al 06/30/1993
1993-13 Appointment of the District Executive as Hearing Officer in Termination Appeals 02/08/1993
1993-111 Modification of Magistrate Judge Lynch's Assignment in Fort Pierce 12/16/1993
1993-77 Karen D. Faulkner 09/23/1993
1993-46 Change of Criminal Case Category 89-6049-Cr-Davis, USA V. James Monaco, ET Al 06/30/1993
1993-14 Order of Disbarment - David M. Verizzo 02/10/1993
1993-112 Change of Criminal Case Category 85-701-Cr-King, USA V. Bowe 12/23/1993
1993-78 Order Authorizing Clerk to Refuse for Filing Sham and Vexatious Pleadings 10/27/1993
1993-47 The Matter of Exempting Assistant Federal Public Defenders from the Trial Bar Requirements of the Local Rules 06/30/1993
1993-15 Appointment of Magistrate Judges Committee Membership 02/11/1993
1993-113 East Everglades Additions to Everglades National Park 12/20/1993
1993-79 Order of Suspension - Thomas L. Rolle 10/05/1993
1993-48 Change of Criminal Case Category 89-6196-Cr-Ungaro-Benages 06/30/1993
1993-16 Appointment of Mediation Committee 02/16/1993
1993-114 Change of Criminal Case Category 93-6014-Cr-Marcus, USA V. Sahlen, et al 12/22/1993


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