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1991 Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
1991-64 Transfer Of Unclaimed Registry Fees To The Treasury Of The United States Pursuant To 28 U.S.C. § 2042 09/05/1991
1991-11 Assignment Of Cases To Senior District Judge William M. Hoeveler 02/04/1991
1991-21 Change Of Criminal Case Category, 87-879-Cr-Roettger Usa V. Kramer 03/13/1991
1991-20 Change Of Criminal Case Category 02/28/1991
1991-19 Adverse Personnel Action- Appeal Of Rory J. Mcmahon 02/13/1991
1991-18 Transfer Of Eleven Former Judge Thomas E. Scott Cases 02/12/1991
1991-17 Appointment Of James R. Gailey, Federal Public Defender To The Attorney Admissions Committee 02/05/1991
1991-16 Assignment Of Criminal Category I Cases To Senior Judge Aronovitz 02/04/1991
1991-15 Replacement Federal Grand Jury. Note: This Order Was Amended 2/25/91, Both The Original And Amended Orders Are Scanned. 02/04/1991
1991-14 Jury Duty Assignment Schedule, Miami 02/04/1991
1991-13 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 02/04/1991
1991-12 Pay Raises For Senior District Judges Of The Eleventh Circuit Under The Ethics Rule Reform Act Of 1989 02/06/1991
1991-22 Appointment Of Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Panel 03/22/1991
1991-10 Assignment Of Cases To Senior District Judge Sidney M. Aronovitz 02/09/1991
1991-9 Assignment Of Cases To Senior District Judge C. Clyde Atkins 02/04/1991
1991-8 Appointment Of J. Michael Brennan As Part-Time United States Magistrate Judge At Fort Pierce, Florida 01/30/1991
1991-7 Appointment Of Federal Law Enforcement Building Committee 01/30/1991
1991-6 Appointment Of Judge Zloch As Chairperson Of Clerk Committee And Judge Nesbitt As Member 01/30/1991
1991-5 Appointment Of Advisory Group Note: This Order Was Amended 02/05/91 Both The Original And Amended Orders Are Scanned 01/23/1991
1991-4 Assignment of Non-Prisoner In Forma Pauperis Motions 01/22/1991


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