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1991 Administrative Orders

Numbersort ascending Title Date
1991-52 Appointment Of Martin L. Steinberg, Esquire And James Robert Gailey, Esquire To The Civil Justice Advisory Group For The Southern District Of Florida 07/05/1991
1991-43 Appointment Of Charlene H. Sorrentino As United States Magistrate Judge At Miami, Florida 06/20/1991
1991-44 Reassignment Of Civil Cases Presently Pending In The Division Of The Honorable Thomas E. Scott 06/07/1991
1991-45 Appointment Of Reporter For Civil Justice Advisory Group For The Southern District Of Florida 06/10/1991
1991-46 Appointment Of Senior Judge C. Clyde Atkins As Chairperson, And Judge Kenneth L. Ryskamp As A Regular Member Of The Bar Review Committee 06/11/1991
1991-47 Change Of Criminal Case Category 06/14/1991
1991-48 Assignment Of Pro Se Section 2255 Cases To Magistrate Judge Lurana S. Snow 06/15/1991
1991-49 Removal Of Magistrate Judge Peter R. Palermo From The Clerk's Blind Assignment Wheel For The Magistrates Of The District Of Florida 07/01/1991
1991-50 Order Of Consolidation Solely For The Purpose Of Entertaining Defendants' Petition For Removal 06/27/1991
1991-51 Appointment Of Ira Leesfield, Esquire, To Civil Justice Advisory Group For The Southern District Of Florida 07/01/1991
1991-63 Transfer Of Unclaimed Registry Fees To The Treasury Of The United States Pursuant To 28 U.S.C. § 2042 08/30/1991
1991-53 Order Denying Defendant's Motion To Seal And Motion For Disqualification 07/11/1991
1991-54 Forwarding Closed Case Files To The Federal Records Center/Amendment To Local Rule 8d 07/18/1991
1991-55 Order Denying Plaintiff's Motion To Recuse Judge Ryskamp 07/25/1991
1991-56 Allocation Of Pc Support Positions Within The Southern District 07/26/1991
1991-57 Forwarding Of Closed Case Files To The Federal Records Center 08/02/1991
1991-58 Order Of Disbarment - Roberto E. Abreu 01/17/1991
1991-59 Duty Judge Assignment Schedule, Miami 08/22/1991
1991-60 Certification Of The Clinical Placement Program For The University Of Miami Law School 08/26/1991
1991-61 Order Appointing Francine C. Salopek Official Court Reporter 08/27/1991


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