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Plaintiff Inadieu Legiste files his Complaint against his former employer Columbia Hospital Corporation of South Broward d/b/a Westside Regional Medical Center for a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 based on national origin discrimination in connection with Defendant’s termination of Plaintiff’s employment. Defendant has filed its Answer and Affirmative Defenses. Plaintiff seeks a volunteer lawyer. If interested, please email

Plaintiff, a former immigration officer at Krome Detention Center in Miami, alleges that he was unlawfully suspended and then terminated from employment. He alleges breach of contract and violations of his rights guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment. If interested, please email

Plaintiff Francisco J. Ruiz is an inmate at Hamilton Correctional Institution. Plaintiff brings civil rights claims against several employees of the Florida Department of Corrections for excessive force and failure to intervene in connection with an alleged incident on April 12, 2018.  If interested, please email

This is a registration of foreign judgment miscellaneous civil case. A judgment from the Western District of North Carolina was entered against Defendant Jacqueline Green in the amount of $40,160.98. The receiver is attempting to collect this judgment in this district using writs of garnishment as to various banks. Pro se Defendant Jacqueline Green has filed claims of exemption and requests for hearings. She seeks a volunteer lawyer. If interested, please email

Plaintiff seeks counsel on a voluntary basis to represent Plaintiff in this action brought against the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Plaintiff alleges that during employment with the Department of Homeland Security, Defendant committed several discriminatory actions against Plaintiff and retaliated against Plaintiff after complaining. Plaintiff brings claims under the following statutes: (1) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. §§ 2000e–e-17; (2) Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. §§ 12112–17; (3) Sections 501 & 505 of the Rehabilitation Act; (4) Sections 102 & 103 of the Civil Rights Act of 1991; and (5) the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992. Plaintiff alleges that Defendant discriminated against Plaintiff based on gender identity and mental health status. Plaintiff alleges that the discriminatory conduct Defendant took against Plaintiff included: (1) failure to promote Plaintiff; (2) failure to accommodate Plaintiff’s disability; (3) applying unequal terms and conditions to Plaintiff’s employment; (4) retaliation; (5) hostile work environment; and (6) failure to assist Plaintiff in Plaintiff’s gender transition. Plaintiff seeks monetary damages, lost wages and overtime compensation, expungement of Plaintiff’s employment record, and an apology letter from Defendant. If interested, please email

This civil rights action under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 arises out of Plaintiff, Mike Elbert Neals alleged beating in April 2019 by Miami-Dade County Correctional Officer Delman Lumpkins; the failure of Defendant, Officer Frade, to intervene and stop the beating; and the failures of Defendant, Correctional Captain Angela Lawrence and Defendant, Sergeant Terrance Hamilton, to prevent the beating. The case is temporarily stayed pending completion of the related Miami-Dade County State Attorneys Office and the Security and Internal Affairs Bureau of the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department investigations. The Court stayed the case shortly after each Defendant was served and before any answers were filed. If interested, please email

Plaintiff filed a pro se civil rights action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. section 1983 alleging the use of excessive force by several police officers—two of which he has identified—during an arrest for trespassing. He states that during the attack he sustained multiple injuries, lost consciousness, and suffered a seizure due to blunt force trauma to the back of his head. He also alleges that because of the attack, he has developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which has gone untreated, and has incurred other non-economic damages such as emotional distress. While Plaintiff maintains that there are medical and public records that can corroborate his claims, he has not been able to retrieve them. Plaintiff seeks a volunteer lawyer to represent him in his case. Trial is currently set for November 8, 2021, and a Settlement Conference has been set for October 27, 2021.
If interested, please email (link sends e-mail)

Plaintiff is a pro se prisoner bringing an action pursuant to Section 1983 against two correctional officers.  Plaintiff alleges First Amendment violations relating to his right to freely exercise his religion.  He further alleges that Defendants used excessive force.  In particular, Plaintiff claims that on several occasions he was told to take his religious hat off and fears that he is being retaliated against for being Muslim.  Plaintiff also asserts that defendants used excessive force by putting him into leg and hand restraints and kicking and punching him repeatedly all over his body in a medical cell.  If interested, please email

Plaintiff is a pro se prisoner and combat veteran suing the United States of America under the Federal Tort Claims Act for negligence, medical malpractice, and abuse as a result of inadequate medical treatment when he visited six Veteran Affairs hospitals over the course of ten years. There is a pending motion to dismiss in this case. If interested, please email

Petitioner Brian Jeremiah Shepard has filed a petition under 28 U.S.C. § 2254 for writ of habeas corpus seeking to vacate his state court conviction for burglary of a dwelling, petit theft, and resisting an officer without violence. Petitioner contends that he is being held in violation of the Constitution, laws, or treaties of the United States because (1) the state trial court erred in denying his motion for judgment of acquittal on his burglary of a dwelling charge and (2) the state trial court erred in overruling defense objections to improper burden shifting and improper comments made during the State’s closing argument. If interested, please email