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Filing Instructions - Appeals Transcript Information - ECF Attorneys

ECF Attorneys-Instructions for Attorneys completing the electronic version of the Eleventh Circuit Transcript Information Form

(The electronic version of this form is available to simplify completion and transmittal)

Step 1: Access the Transcript Information Form [Click here]

Step 2: Complete the form electronically using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF editor. Remember to electronically sign the form by using the s/naming convention (e.g., “s/Jane Doe”).

Step 3: Save the completed form as a PDF document.

Step 4: Email the saved PDF file as an attachment by clicking the email address link next to the Court Reporter’s name listed on the Court Reporter Contact Information page [Click here]. Send a copy to each reporter listed on the form. If there is no email address listed, send the form to the Court Reporter Coordinator.

Step 5: File the form electronically with the District Court using CM/ECF. From the main CM/ECF menu, go to: Civil or Criminal Events -> Other Filings-> Appeal Documents -> Transcript Information Form.

Step 6: After the transaction is completed, print out the PDF located within the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) that you will receive via email. This PDF version will contain the case number, filing date and document number in the header located at the top of the document.

Step 7: Mail the printed form to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals at 56 Forsyth Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303.

REMINDER: click here if you are Counsel appointed pursuant to Criminal Justice Act