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Attorney Resources

How do I remove an attorney on a given case?

A document explaining who is being removed or substituted and why must be created and converted into a PDF format. Since all changes in representation must be approved by the Court, a Motion to Withdraw as Attorney or Motion to Substitute Attorney needs to be submitted. Once you log in to CM/ECF, you can select the appropriate event under “Motions and Related Filings”.

When the Clerk’s Office sees that this motion has been approved by the Court, they will remove the attorney from the case. Until this is completed, the Court will still consider the attorney as a participant in the case and the system will continue to send him/her the notifications.


How do I update my email information within the CM/ECF system?

You can easily update your email address in CM/ECF by selecting the “Utilities” feature from the blue menu bar and then select the “Maintain Your Account” link. Once you select the “Email Information” button, you can edit your email address. When you are done, click on the “Return to Person Information Screen” then click “Submit” and then “Submit” a second time. Please see Updating Your Information under Attorney Resources.

Note: The Clerk’s Office is not responsible for updating email addresses, telephone or fax numbers for CM/ECF Users. If you are a member of the Southern District of Florida Bar and you have not registered for CM/ECF, your email address will not be added to the CM/ECF System.

What should be done when an attorney leaves the firm?

When an attorney leaves the firm, both the attorney and the firm need to consider the implications to the CM/ECF noticing system. For those cases that will remain with the attorney, the attorney needs to electronically file a Notice of Change of Address in all pending cases they have with the Court.

For those cases that will remain with the firm, the firm needs to electronically file a Notice of Substitution of Counsel or a Notice of Change of Counsel to ensure that the Court docket accurately reflects the proper attorney of record and that the new attorney of record is properly set up to receive email notifications.

Whose responsibility is it to keep an attorney’s contact information current?

It is the attorney’s responsibility to keep their information current. Keeping email information current, including email information for additional recipients on their account, needs to be kept up-to-date in order for the CM/ECF system, which relies on email notifications, to function effectively. When email notices start “bouncing back”, the CM/ECF support staff are required to determine the reason the email was not delivered and resolve the situation. The CM/ECF Administrative Procedures indicate that if the attorney’s email address, mailing address, telephone or fax number changes, he/she will have five business days to update their information.