Employee Information and Check-in Services

It is the responsibility of all Court employees to make themselves aware of status information as it becomes available through the following sources:

Website: Status updates of court operations will be posted for the public and employees on this website.

Emergency Message Line: Call the previously distributed 800 number (found on refrigerator magnets distributed to all employees) to receive information about the status of court operations or reporting to work. Listen to the entire message. At the end, you will receive instructions if you need to check-in. (See Employee Check-In Services below.)

Alternate Emergency Message Line: In the event the preceding 800 telephone number is inoperable, information for employees will be posted on the alternate 866 number (again found on refrigerator magnets distributed to all employees). This number will work only if the regular 800 telephone number mentioned above is not operable. You will not be able to leave a check-in message on the 866 number.

Monitor Media Sources: If unable to obtain information from other sources, monitor local media outlets. The Court will be issuing press releases to local newspapers, radio stations and television stations.

Employee Check-In Services

In times of emergency, employees of the Southern District of Florida should keep the Court advised of their safety, status and contact information. This includes staff from the Clerk’s Office, Chambers, Probation, Federal Public Defender and Bankruptcy. The preferred method of check-in is to contact your supervisor. Contact your Supervisor using the laminated Emergency Information Card previously provided, or alternate instructions provided by your chambers or Unit Executive. This is the preferred method of contact, and your supervisor will advise those necessary of your status.

If you are unable to contact your supervisor, use one of the following methods to advise us of your status.

E-mail check-in via this website: In addition to the 800 number (see above), employees and their family can report their status via an e-mail check-in system. In an emergency, click on this link to send us an e-mail with your status information. This web based check-in system should only be used by Court, Probation, Bankruptcy and Federal Public Defender employees and their families.

Emergency Message Line Voicemail box: At the end of the 800 Message Line you will receive instructions on how to check-in. Listen to the entire message. This voicemail box will be regularly monitored during an emergency. Leave a message about your status, your location and how you may be contacted in the future. Speak clearly. Please be brief, but leave complete contact information of how you may be reached. If necessary, leave contact information for another family member or friend if that is the only means of contacting you.