Renewal Fees for Government Attorneys

Government attorneys with a special bar number shall not be required to pay the renewal fee.

Government attorneys with a regular bar membership will be required to pay the renewal fee in order to maintain their status as a member in good standing.   In the alternative, a government attorney may place their regular bar membership in “government-exempt” (inactive) status.  At such time as the government attorney leaves government service, the renewal fee for the cycle within which the status change takes effect must be paid to reactivate their regular bar membership. There is no inactive status available other than for government attorneys.

If you wish your membership to reflect “government-exempt” so you are not required to pay the renewal fee, please email: and indicate that you would like your membership status changed to “government-exempt.”

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Government Attorneys who leave Government Agencies

Users who leave government agencies and do not transfer to other government agencies must email Attorney Admissions in order for your bar status to be returned to “member.”  This will ensure the record reflects that you are a member in good standing of this Court’s Bar and no longer a government (inactive) attorney.