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Judge Shaniek Mills Maynard

Alto Lee Adams, Sr. United States Courthouse
101 South U.S. Highway 1
Fort Pierce, Florida 34950

(for proposed orders, jury instructions, settlement conference memoranda, etc., or as otherwise directed by the Court)

Telephonic Hearing Instructions:
Dial (888) 684-8852 and enter access code 5312437.

Courtroom Hearing Instructions:
As a general rule, matters that are set for an in person hearing in the courtroom will be heard in Courtroom No. 4074 (the magistrate courtroom)  in the Fort Pierce Courthouse at the above address.

(772) 467-2320

Courtroom Deputy:
Please contact Yvette Alexander
(772) 467-2315 (Office) or (305) 607-3805 (Cell)
for all criminal scheduling matters

Law Clerks:
Jessica Rodriguez (civil cases ending in even numbers)

Jean Strickland (civil cases ending in odd numbers)


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