Is it possible to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader open in a separate window, one not a part of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox), or, alternatively, if the Adobe Reader opens on my PC as a separate window, is it possible to make it open within the browser?

Yes, both options are possible. In Adobe Acrobat or the Adobe Reader, click on ‘Edit,’ ‘Preferences,’ then ‘Internet.’ In the Web Browser Options section, check the box (by clicking on it if it is blank) beside ‘Display PDF in Bbrowser’ to make a PDF document open within the browser. Uncheck that box (by clicking on it if it is checked) to cause Acrobat or the Adobe Reader to open in a separate window. In most instances, a user will prefer the Adobe program to open in its own window. This allows access to the Adobe banner menu across the top of the screen and many more lines of the document will be displayed than if the document were displayed in the browser.

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